Dirt Road Desire

Ride with me.

Fatigue hung around my shoulders on a recent Friday night yet I collected my boots, left the company of the wood stove, and prepared for a social engagement with clients. See, Dave and Paula were loving their new house and wanted to share design and furnishing touches with Nicole and I.

Beautiful stuff, and a true reward for this career in real estate, yet I was uncertain my energy could match the occasion.

But something happened during the ride that allowed me to catch a second wind and savor the evening. The branches of hardwood trees bowed toward the center of the road, like a tunnel, or mother nature’s regal courtesy. Pavement turned to gravel, our tires felt more secure in the falling snow, and light flakes traipsed in March’s late winds.

Briefly I thought of Christmas, child-like. And isn’t a new home the biggest Christmas present of all? I held Nicole’s hand, we helped these folks and they are happy I thought to myself.

Dave and Paula met us at the door, our earlier business-hand-shakes now traded for hugs, and the couple beamed with satisfaction and pride, comfortable and at ease in their new environs.

My eyes traced their elegant home and caught subtle changes: the elegant mirror by the wet-bar, the New England art on the south facing well, the shade of the new couches near the fireplace. Inviting.

Our one hour visit turned to three as we talked about life, kids, writing, and back country ski plans for the following winter. While I know Congress Street, Ocean Avenue, Stevens Ave and Forrest Ave too, I traded those streets for deep woods, farm-country, and mountains decades ago.

If you are seeking the quiet of a Western Maine get-away, I can help. We’ll likely discuss fishing and family before we begin on real estate, but I love these hills and lakes and I feel the topography of this part of the world in my bones.

I can get you here. Glad to be on board.

Ryan (207) 462-3874




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