Took It To Heart Award

We are proud to announce that Keller Williams Realty – Portland, Maine won the “Took It To Heart Award” for 2015 and 2016.  Portland donated $23,989 to the fund in 2016.  The “KW Cares Fund” is an International Fund that helps people when tragedy strikes. When Katina hit Louisiana and Hurricane Sandy destroyed the East Coast, for example, not only did KW send money but also volunteers.

Keller Williams Realty – Greater Portland also has a local Fund called “Friends and Family” that helps out locally when a need arises.  We have helped people who have needed assistance with medical bills, operations, personal needs, etc.  I am proud to say many agents give to these funds on every closed transaction. If you know of someone who needs a “hand up”- let me know and I can help you connect with the proper contact person.


Thanks again to Keller Williams Realty for giving back to the Community.


KW cares Pic


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